8 Pitfalls to avoid for CMAT

  1. Not knowing the ideal number of attempts. This is like building a house without the blue-print. You must have a fair idea of the number of attempts.

  2. Being too ambitious in terms of number of attempts. For CMAT, the rule is simple -WORSHIP ACCURACY. Any student attempting more than 70 questions is either a potential topper or a consummate disaster!

  3. Do not fret about GK and try to over - prepare for it. It is the most random section and your score will reflect your ingrained reading habits.

  4. Appearing for the actual exam without adequate mock exam practice. You must appear for at least 10 mock exams of varying difficulty level.

  5. Having a pre-decided absolute target score (say 200+). The absolute scores would depend on the difficulty level. What matters is your ranking and not the score.

  6. Do not study too hard on the previous day of the exam. Sleep for at least seven to eight hours.

  7. Do not be put off by a bad start. CMAT is a long exam of three hours and there are no restrictions in terms of sectional time limits or cut off scores. So even if you have a less than ideal start, you can easily recover if you are mentally strong.

  8. Do not over-attempt in the language comprehension section - especially the critical reasoning questions. Fifteen good attempts in this section would do the trick for most of the students.

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